Wallops Interns Inspire the Next Generation

Children and grandchildren of employees descended on NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility July 21st to learn about potential careers during the “Inspire the Next Generation Day”.  http://www.nasa.gov/feature/wallops-interns-inspire-the-next-generation


Melt Water Over Arctic Sea Ice

Sea ice across the Arctic Ocean is shrinking below-average levels this summer. NASA’s Operation IceBridge, an airborne survey of polar ice, just completed its first flights studying the aquamarine pools of melt water on the ice surface that may be accelerating the overall sea ice retreat.  http://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/melt-water-over-arctic-sea-ice


NASA Flights to Track Greenhouse Gases Across Eastern US

This month, NASA begins an airborne experiment to improve scientists’ understanding of the sources of two powerful greenhouse gases and how they cycle into and out of the atmosphere.  http://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-flights-to-track-greenhouse-gases-across-eastern-us


Hi-C to Show the Sun’s Corona in Sharp Detail

NASA and its partners are getting ready to launch a rocket-borne camera to the edge of space between 12:26 and 1:13 p.m.mountain time on July 27, 2016, on its second flight to study the sun. The clarity of images returned will provide scientists around the world with clues to one of the biggest questions in heliophysics – why the sun’s atmosphere, or corona, is so much hotter than its surface. https://www.nasa.gov/centers/marshall/news/news/releases/2016/hi-c-to-show-the-sun-s-corona-in-sharp-detail.html


Launch Information:

Date: August 16, 2016

Backup Dates: August 17 – 19, 2016

Launch Window: 6:00 – 10:00 a.m. EDT

Launch Vehicle: Terrier-Improved Malemute

Type: Suborbital

Launch Viewing: The Visitor Center will open at 5 a.m. for launch viewing.


Date: August 22, 2016

Launch Time: 5:59 p.m.

Mission: Cargo Resupply to the International Space Station (ISS)

Vehicle: Antares

Type: Orbital

Launch Viewing: The Visitor Center hours for the Antares launch are to be determined (TBD).


To stay up to date on the status of both missions please check the Wallops website https://www.nasa.gov/centers/wallops/home.



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