We all love a good rocket launch, right? The feeling in where we see the rocket take to the sky, either going out to supply those above in the International Space Station or further beyond to help expand our knowledge of out universe. Luckily for us on the east coast, Wallops Island is our go-to flight center. Aside from launches, they host a plethora of educational programs, hands-on activities, and more.


Wallops Island’s latest rocket launch was conducted on April 17th, 2019. The purpose of this launch was to resupply the International Space Station with supplies. Upon the Northrop Grumman Antares Rocket was tons of supplies, mice for study, and an unmanned Cygnus spacecraft. The mission was a success, however, this will not be the last of these rocket launches this year.

In the early morning of June 20th, 2019, another rocket was launched. In cooperation with the RockSat-C and RockOn! programs, the rocket, which was a Terrier-improved Orion, launched with various student experiments. These experiments are done by students in middle school all the way up to college-level students.

There is one more planned launch for this year that we know of so far. Northrop Grumman will be launching another Antares Rocket with more supplies for the International Space Station. The Cygnus NG-12 cargo mission will be the 12th flight of the Cygnus resupply craft to the International Space Station. The launch date for the mission is said to be October 19th, 2019.