Wallops Island has the best launch to space pathway and is one of only 4 major launch sites in the United States. As such, it has several rocket launches scheduled for 2016. Many are publicized while some are not, but we’ll keep you updated here. In partnership with the Orbital Sciences Corporation (now Orbital ATK), Wallops Island is the site of huge Antares rocket launches that resupply the International Space Station. Those are on the list of must-see launches. The facility also hosts moon missions, and sounding rockets. Also on the island is a NOAA weather research base where you can see a wide range of UAV’s, also known as drones, airplanes, and rockets of all sizes head skyward if you are in the area. Wallops Island has a lot to offer in the way of launches, making it the perfect vacation destination for families looking for educational fun.

Because the flights need perfect conditions, there are frequently flight delays. Stay tuned here to get the latest and best information on the rocket launch schedules, delays, and updates.


NASA provides live coverage of all of their events on its UStream service. This is where you can see any of the launches or projects NASA covers for public consumption.

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