Have you ever dreamed of taking a behind-the-scenes tour of NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on the Eastern Shore of Virginia? If your answer is “yes,” you should know that it is possible to learn first-hand about all the diverse and interesting programs that are operated out of the Wallops Island Flight Facility (WIFF).

NASA WIFF offers group tours to those that are eligible, so please make sure your group meets all the guidelines and requirements for the most enjoyable experience possible. 

In order to be eligible, all of these qualifications must be met with a yes:

  • Is the tour group a non-profit, school, educational, or civic group? 
  • Is everyone attending the tour at least 4th grade level (9 years old) and up?*
    • If your students are K – 3rd grade contact the Events & Outreach Coordinator to find out what field trip options are available for your group. 
  • Does the group have their own transportation that will allow everyone to fit into 1 vehicle with room for one badged escort? 
  • Does the group have a minimum of 8 participants attending the tour? 
  • Does the group have a maximum of 20 participants attending the tour?*
    • If a group has more than 20 participants please visit the “What if My Group is Not Eligible for a Tour” section. 
  • Can the group tour Wallops on a Tuesday or Thursday? 
  • Is the date you are interested in at least 4 weeks out?*
    • For groups with Foreign Nationals it must be at least 5 weeks out.

Non-Eligible Groups?

After assessment of your groups eligibility based on the guidelines, a visit to the Visitor Center is a great alternative. 

For The General Public

NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility does not offer tours to the general public and the general public is not permitted to join a pre-scheduled group tour. 

The only way the public can tour NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility: 

  • Enrollment in a confirmed group tour that has met all the guidelines 
  • Attend the Open House which occurs every 5 years

Options for Groups with more than 20 Participants:

If the group has more than the maximum number of participants allowed for a tour, the group has the following options available: 

  • Option 1: The entire group can participate in a driving tour of Wallops Island as long as everyone fits into 1 vehicle with room for a badged escort. 
  • Option 2: The group can visit for 2 half-day tours for a maximum of 40 participants, however, the group will not be able to purchase lunch in the base cafeteria. 
  • Option 3: The group can visit for 2 full day tours with a maximum of 20 participants on each day. 


The NASA Wallops Flight Facility has a very dynamic mission schedule that is continually changing to meet deadlines. Groups are subject to change, reschedule and cancellation due to these mission operations. 
  • In order for your tour to be confirmed the Tour Organizer must submit a complete name list of ALL group participants attending the tour 1 week prior to the scheduled tour date to the Events & Outreach Coordinator. (First and Last Name required). NO CHANGES can be made to the name list after the 1 week deadline. 
  • Both tentative and confirmed schedules are subject to change or cancellation at any stage of the scheduling process including the day of the tour due to ongoing launch operations, launch date changes, upcoming missions, and activities. 
  • To knowingly give false information to the federal government is a felony. (18 U.S.C § 1001)
  • NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility is committed to protecting the safety and security of all employees and visitors to the facility. To that end, during entry into the facility, you will encounter NASA security procedures. 
  • Returning groups are limited to a maximum of 6 tours per calendar year.*
    • If the Visitor Center cancels your tour due to mission operations, the tour will not be included in the maximum number permitted per year. 
  • Only current members and constituents of the educational or civic organization are eligible for tours. Groups may not solicit or advertise to members of the general public. 

Need Help?

Contact the Events & Outreach Coordinator: 

Shirley Lapole

Phone: 757.824.2298

Email: shirley.j.lapole@nasa.gov