February 2. Many Americans will be focused on groundhogs and other wildlife with great anticipation to gain insight into the forecast for the near future.  Is spring in sight or does winter continue to make its presence?

However, for nine secondary education students on the eastern shore of Virginia and MarylandFebruary 2 is not about animal behavior and gaining insight in the weather. They are taking the day to gain an insight into their future careers.

Students will explore their future as they follow in the shadow of employees from the NASA Wallops Flight Facility during the annual National Job Shadow Day on February 2.

Joyce Winterton, Wallops Senior Advisor for Education and Leadership Development, said, “National Job Shadow Day at Wallops provides students on opportunity to explore potential careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This is the fifth year students have shadowed Wallops employees.  We hope this day provides these students the answers they seek and puts them on the path to selecting a career in which they will excel.”

The sophomore, junior and senior grade students represent five high schools in Accomack, Worcester, Somerset and Wicomico counties. In addition, one undergraduate student from Salisbury University is participating.

During the day the students are paired with NASA employees that work in fields related to careers in which the student has shown an interest. This will give the students the opportunity to follow employees, participate in their research and other activities, and explore careers.

In addition to mentoring by Wallops employees, during a lunch-time session the students will receive information on internships and career possibilities with NASA.

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