Summer Astronomy Night at the Beach Features Perseid Meteor Shower Aug. 12

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NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility’s Visitor Center and the Delmarva Space Sciences Foundation will host the final Astronomy and Night Sky Summer Series on the Virginia end of Assateague Island National Seashore on Saturday, Aug. 12 for the observation of the Perseid meteor shower. Kim Check, the NASA Visitor Center manager, said, “The Perseid meteor shower [...]

NASA Visitor Center Summer Astronomy Series Returns July 13

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Our local national park beaches hold some of the last remaining harbors of darkness on the east coast. By night, Assateague Island visitors have an unparalleled view of the stars and beyond. Discover the starry night sky Thursday, July 13, over the Virginia end of Assateague Island National Seashore at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge [...]

Rocket launch for early birds

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UPDATE: The launch of a Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket scheduled for June 4 from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility has been postponed due to clouds impacting the ability to test a new ampoule ejection system designed to support studies of the ionosphere and aurora. While the launch window runs through June 6, forecast weather is not [...]

Tour of the new Wallops drone airstrip

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It's pretty cool that last week,Virginia's governor, Terry McAuliffe, not only presided over the ribbon cutting of Wallops' new drone airfield, but that he also hopped in and took a spin in one of the planes, leaving the driving to one of the ground techs. The $5.8 million facility improvement will allow more and better [...]

Wallops Sounding Rocket Mission slated for May 16

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Wallops sounding rocket mission aimed at providing real world test for new technologies New rocket and spacecraft technology can be tested on the ground, such as in labs. However, in some cases a new technology needs to be flight tested to see how it performs in the “real-world” environment. A NASA sounding rocket launch from [...]

NASA’s Super Pressure Balloon Takes Flight From New Zealand

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NASA successfully launched its football-stadium-sized, heavy-lift super pressure balloon (SPB) from Wanaka, New Zealand, at 10:50 a.m. Tuesday, April 25 (6:50 p.m. April 24 in U.S. Eastern Time), on a mission designed to run 100 or more days floating at 110,000 feet (33.5 km) about the globe in the southern hemisphere's mid-latitude band. "Following our [...]

Using Smartphones for Science at NASA Visitor Center March 25

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Smartphones. If you don’t have one you probably know someone who does. They add convenience to our lives with instant web access, finding directions and, oh yeah, communicating with others by text, voice and photos. Smartphones also can be used for science observations. Find out how at the Smartphones for Science: GLOBE Observer Citizen Science [...]

ESVA Anglers Club partners with CBFS on summer camp scholarships

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Wallops Island, VA (March 3, 2017) – The Eastern Shore of Virginia Anglers Club has partnered with the non-profit Chincoteague Bay Field Station (CBFS) of Wallops Island to provide scholarships to science-focused camps each summer. CBFS offeres hands-on, educational day and overnight summer camps for youths aged 5 to 18 where they learn about local [...]

Goddard’s IceCube SmallSat Ready for Launch, Space Station Deployment

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Less is more, and that's not just a buzz phrase. Good things are coming in smaller packages (again, not just another buzz phrase). Here's one that's 'on the rocks' coming soon to a launch near you; NASA has an IceCube that will be out of this world. IceCube, which will measure cloud ice levels using [...]

U.S. Navy to Conduct Carrier Landing Practice at Wallops

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The U.S. Navy plans to conduct both day and night Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP) operations Feb. 27 to March 9 at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia. About 150 personnel – Navy pilots and maintenance technicians – assigned to Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 120 (VAW-120), home-based at Naval Station Norfolk Chambers Field, will participate [...]