Balloons on Ice: NASA Launches Antarctica Scientific Balloon Campaign

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Cosmic rays and the chemicals and atoms that make up the interstellar space between stars are the focus of this year’s NASA Antarctica Long Duration Balloon Flight Campaign, which kicked into high gear with the launch of the Boron And Carbon Cosmic rays in the Upper Stratosphere (BACCUS) payload Nov. 28. The University of Maryland’s [...]

Virginia Space welcomes new board members

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The Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority announced Aubrey Layne, Transportation Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia, was elected as the new Chair of the organization’s board of directors. Secretary, Layne graduated from the University of Richmond with a BS in Accounting, and earned an MBA in International Finance from Old Dominion University. In 2011, he [...]

NASA Wallops Events for December

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The NASA WFF Visitor Center will not be offering public programs in December, however, we will be hosting 2 events. If you have a community calendar you can share the programs on, it would be greatly appreciated. I will be mailing event flyers out tomorrow. Events: Thursday, December 8, 5 p.m. History of Wallops Island [...]